Introducing OOAK

Introducing OOAK

We're thrilled to welcome you to OOAK Artistry, a digital haven for one-of-a-kind artwork, born out of a collective passion for art and a deep-seated commitment to uplifting the incredible talent within our community. Today, we're excited to share the story behind the inception of our online gallery and the journey that lies ahead.

The concept of this gallery was conceived by two friends Suzi Michelle and Ali Billias who have been lifelong contributors to their artistic community.  As long-time friends, art has been a tool for us to connect, express, and encourage each other.  Surrounded by diverse artists, we noticed a lack of opportunity for their art to be showcased.  We envisioned creating a platform for artists in our community and creating a tangible community beyond the website. We also want to connect art connoisseurs with artwork we have deemed to be in the realm of artistic excellence, focusing on what we believe to be the most pure form of expression of an artist: one-of-a-kind creations.

In a world where mass-produced items are the norm in our homes and lives, we believe in the power of art that is rare and exceptional. Our collection is a carefully curated ensemble of singular visions, each piece a labour of love and a manifestation of the artist's unique perspective. We envisioned a space where local artists could shine, and their creations could find the spotlight they so rightfully deserve.

We thank you so much for joining us in this new chapter of our artistic vision. We could not have arrived here without the support of the people who have encouraged us along our own artistic paths and those who inspire us to keep going and keep growing. You all are truly one of a kind. 


Suzi Michelle and Ali Billias (Founders of OOAK Artistry)



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