About OOAK


Welcome to our online gallery, a digital haven where artistic expression meets individuality. Our curated collection showcases a diverse array of unique creations crafted by talented artists. Each piece is a testament to the artist's singular vision and passion for their craft; our artists specialize in producing one-of-a-kind masterpieces that transcend the ordinary.

At the heart of our gallery is a commitment to providing a platform for artists who value creativity to it's most fundamental core.  Art is a mirror reflecting your individuality and a canvas that resonates with your personal story. We see one-of-a-kind works as a pure expression of the artist, creation unhindered by inhibition. 

In a world often saturated with mass-produced items, these pieces stand as a testament to the irreplaceable value of art, beauty, and authenticity. Join us on a journey of artistic exploration; a community of like-minded people who appreciate the extraordinary. 

OOAK also offers creative directing services. We currently offer film photography and video packages which you can see here.



Susan Range (Suzi Q) is a silversmith and photographer currently based out of both Vancouver Island and Saturna Island.  As a photographer, Suzi works primarily with 35mm film.  Suzi studied silversmithing under Judith Hirczy and has focused primarily on creating silver jewelry pieces, which have been showcased in stores since 2017.  Since conceiving OOAK, she aims to focus on one of a kind pieces that highlight her skill and creativity within her craft. 

Alisha Billias (Ali B) is an intermedia artist based out of Victoria BC.  Ali received a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Concordia University with a speciality in intermedia, with a focus in video art.  Ali also takes pride in music production and composition, as well as contributing to the Creative Direction team at OOAK.